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The Brit Bowler is an essential machine for anyone who takes cricket seriously! Coaches appreciate its accuracy and reliability, while cricketers benefit from consistent bowling that helps improve their game.

The machine combines various safety features with state-of-the-art technology, to provide long-term reliability at an affordable price.

The latest Brit Bowler offers numerous exciting features. The long- life polyurethane wheels are fully enclosed by a moulded cover to ensure the operator's safety, while their concave shape provides extreme accuracy as they guide the ball through the machine.  

A microprocessor controller is fitted to all the machines, allowing complete control over the speed and bowling functions. It even has a ready light which glows to indicate when the machine is at the selected speed. Spin, swing and pace bowling are easily altered by using the touch pad controls, and the visual readouts confirm the settings chosen. The speed of the balls bowled can be increased by 1kmph, starting at 30kmph. The maximum speed is  150kmph, fast enough for the most seasoned batter! 

   Also fitted is a user -friendly large ball joint to ensure accurate line-up on the wickets, complimented by a vernier screw to achieve precision line and length settings. Rapid speed changes are easily implemented with the electronic braking. 

The Brit Bowler is supplied with a 230V power pack as a standard feature, while the battery cables which allow a 12V leisure battery to be used, are offered as an optional extra. The machine weighs 20kgs, which makes it portable and easy for one person to manage.

An optional extra for the Brit Bowler is the  Automatic Ball Feeder. This is quickly fitted to the machine and allows a steady supply of balls to be bowled, without exhausting the coach!  A useful  feature is the inclusion of a remote control for stopping and restarting the ball feeder from any position from where the batsman's performance can be observed and corrected by the coach.

The ball feeder holds 17 balls at any given time, and the ball release intervals can be adjusted from 12 seconds down to only 2 seconds.

NOTE: It is recommended that only Winters' practice balls are used with The Brit Bowler and its auto-feeder.


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