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Winters Solutions manufactures a range of cricket balls, to ensure the correct balls to suit every purpose! 

All our cricket balls are manufactured from a bat-friendly urethane, which is U.C.B. approved. The outer diameter of all Winters' balls remains constant at 70mm, the correct size for a cricket ball, regardless of weight. 

The standard balls are produced in two variations: the senior yellow ball weighs 156g, while the junior red ball weighs 135g. These balls are fully dimpled.

Our newly introduced hi-visibility day-glo balls are also available in both weight variations, and are fully dimpled. These balls are a hit with young cricketers!

Winters are proud to announce the release of a new ball, which is half-dimpled and half-smooth. This is proving to be excellent for spin bowling throw-down practice. Senior and junior weight variations available.

NOTE: It is recommended that only Winters balls are used with The Brit Bowler and its auto-feeder, as well as with The Devon Trainer.


Winters Solutions (Pty) Ltd - South Africa